Collegiate Delegation

NUMUN Staff members compete in College-level MUN

NUMUN’s Collegiate Delegation travels throughout the academic year to participate in collegiate Model United Nations conferences. Members of the delegation will meet regularly to work on their skills as delegates, improving their speaking and negotiation skills, deepening their understanding of international relations, bonding with their teammates and expanding Northwestern’s presence in the collegiate MUN circuit.

All members of the collegiate delegation also staff NUMUN’s annual conference, or are members of the NUMUN Secretariat. New and existing staff members are eligible to apply to join the delegation, the pool of students from which NUMUN’s delegation is chosen for each conference.

During the 2016 – 2017 academic year, NUMUN participated in three conferences: the University of Pennsylvania’s UPMUNC, University of California Berkeley’s UCBMUN, and the University of Chicago’s CHOMUN. NUMUN delegates have previously attended Columbia’s CMUNNY, Duke’s DISCON, PIMUN in Paris, EuroMUN in Maastricht, C’MUN in Barcelona.

Award History

UPMUNC 2017: UN Commission on the Status of Women, Honorable Mention; Economic and Financial Committee, Verbal Commendation; Hudson Board of Directors, Verbal Commendation

CHOMUN 2017: Lee Kuan Yew’s Cabinet, 1965-2015, Best Delegate

UCBMUN 2017: Food and Agricultural Organization, Honorable Mention

UPMUNC 2016: UN Population Fund, Honorable Mention

CHOMUN 2016: Hillary Clinton’s State Department, Verbal Commendation

UCBMUN 2016: Colombia-FARC Peace Accords, Honorable Mention

WUMUNC 2015: Freemasons in Early America, Honorable Mention

CMUNNY 2015: Johnson’s Tuesday Lunch Group, 1965, Honorable Delegate

EuroMUN 2015: ECOFIN, Honorable Delegate

UCBMUN 2014: Nuclear Security Summit, Verbal Commendation

NUMUN Collegiate Delegation Team Members