How we do Model UN at NUMUN

Delegate Guide

Contains a detailed schedule, room listing, maps, and rules of parliamentary procedure

Position Papers & Draft Resolutions

Position Papers

Required for all committees except Press Corps

1 page, single-spaced document outlining your country or position's stance. 1 paper per topic.
Requirements, Format, and Awards Criteria

Upload Documents

Use the link provided by your school's Adviser or Find your School.

Press Corps Assignment

  1. Read a recent news article that analyzes an event with global reach—something where the UN might or should be involved. This could be terrorism, refugees, war, public health, or something else that interests you.
  2. Then, interview one or two of your school’s delegates (avoid close friends) about their assigned country’s position on this development. Ask open-ended questions for better responses. Quotes should be attributed to “the representative from [country],” but you should also include a simple list of your sources (URLs and names) at the end of your story.
  3. Finally, write a story of 200 to 300 words that blends good quotes from your interview and background information from the story you read to report how that country might handle the situation. Use the background guide as a tool to write your article. You should find yourself cutting unnecessary words and quotes to meet the word limit. Try to condense the story as much as possible while covering the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How.

Submit via Email

Send your story and sources list to by April 7. Please avoid submitting PDFs.

Parliamentary Procedure & Rules

NUMUN Parliamentary Procedure

Delegate Policies

We ask for your cooperation in maintaining order, both in and out of committee session, so that we may provide a professional, safe, and educational conference. Throughout the duration of the conference, please be aware that:

  1. Delegates are first and foremost delegates to NUMUN and are expected to be respectful of others. Harassment in any form will not be tolerated, the nature of which includes, but is not limited to, discrimination on the basis of race, national origin, ethnicity, color, religion, gender, age, mental and physical disabilities, socio-economic status, and sexual orientation. Reported incidents of harassment will be thoroughly investigated, and the Secretariat reserves the right to take any action it deems necessary.
  2. The use of illicit drugs or consumption of alcohol will not be tolerated. Delegates or staff found possessing, trafficking, or using illegal substances will be required to leave immediately and may be held criminally liable.
  3. The Secretariat reserves the right to discipline or expel delegates from the Conference for inappropriate behavior, including, but not limited to, the use of foul language, suggestive remarks, and obscene body language.
  4. Solicitation of any events by individuals other than the Secretariat will not be tolerated without the consent of the NUMUN Secretariat.
  5. Delegates are required to wear proper Western business attire. Respectful wear of the national costume of the country they are representing is also accepted. Delegates and staff not maintaining an appropriate standard of dress will be asked to change their clothing.
  6. For the duration of the conference, a 1:00 AM curfew is in effect in the conference hotels. Delegates are required to be in their rooms and refrain from making excessive noise by this time.
  7. To ensure fair and equitable participation at NUMUN, delegates are not allowed to use personal laptops at the conference or bring working papers to committee sessions that have been drafted prior to the beginning of the conference.
  8. In committee, cell phones distract from proceedings and create unfair advantages. As such, delegates are not permitted to use cell phones during committee sessions. Cell phones are permitted during breaks and outside of committee. NUMUN maintains a 3-strike policy for cell phone use: an initial warning, a second warning, and a third disciplinary action. After the third strike, Staff reserves the right to confiscate a cell phone and hold it at the dais for the remainder of the committee session. Cell phones will be returned immediately at the end of a committee session, or after an advisor comes and collects the cell phone. Students with extenuating circumstances or emergencies necessitating cell phone use should discuss their situation with their Chair before starting committee.


NUMUN awards individual delegates and schools that display excellence in committees and for delegates who write the best position papers