Position Papers

Required for all committees except Press Corps.

Each delegate or double delegation pair in these committees must submit one Position Paper per topic in order to be considered for an award. Position Papers will be uploaded on the NUMUN website using the link provided by your Adviser/Teacher.

  1. Ensure that the heading at the top of each position paper includes:
    • Delegate(s) Names
    • School
    • Committee
    • Country or Position
  2. Check that the position paper meets the content requirements:
    • Outline your country or assigned position’s stance on the topic and provide relevant and recent information as supporting evidence
    • Respond to the “Questions to Consider” section (included in the Background Guides) for each topic, as appropriate
    • Cite quotes, data, or recent scientific developments using a consistent format of your choice
  3. Check that the position paper meets the formatting requirements:
    • One to two pages single-spaced
    • Times New Roman size 12 font
    • 1 inch margins
    • File saved as a Microsoft Word document or PDF
  4. Upload your paper using the instructions on this site and provided to your Adviser/Teacher. You will receive confirmation of your submission by email.

View PDF of an example Position Paper

Awards Criteria

NUMUN committees use these criteria (PDF) to determine Position Paper awards